Board Update

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At the 2022-23 AGM held on the 20 November 2023 the 8 member Board was finalised by members in alphabetical order as follows:

  • Ben Corcoran, VIC 
  • Clare Gibellini, WA
  • Jim Preketes, NSW
  • Paul Calcott, QLD
  • Paul Creswick, VIC
  • Richard Beardmore VIC
  • Simon Young, VIC

This is an outstanding result because it reflects our national membership expansion into 4 states in Australia.

At the next Board Meeting on the 15 December, 2023 the election of office Bearers will take place. 

In the interim two acting appointments were made as follows:

  • Richard Beardmore (Acting President)
  • Ben Corcoran (Acting Secretary)

Should members wish to contact any of the Board members please call Board Administration Support on 03 9474 0077 or email  at  






5 responses to “Board Update”

  1. Simon Young Avatar
    Simon Young

    I’m really excited to be back on the Board of DJA, thank you to all of the members for your support.

    For those of you who don’t know me, I come from a background in higher education and I’m also a pharmacist. More importantly, like you, I am disabled – I am Autistic and passionate about getting fair outcomes for disabled people having witnessed the everyday exclusion we suffer first-hand. I’m also super-keen on using technology to advance our cause and also work part-time and on a contract basis for DJA working on both their internal IT solutions and public-facing IT – like this webpage.

    If you have ideas you’d like to see DJA work on or issues you want to raise to the Board, I’d love to hear from you — my email address is

  2. Jim Preketes Avatar
    Jim Preketes

    I am thrilled to join the Board of DJA and want to express my gratitude to all members for their support. With a professional history spanning more than three decades, I have played a pivotal role in driving change in the realms of technology and operational leadership. I’ve served as an advisor to numerous technology start-ups and not-for-profit organizations, facilitating strategic alignment in complex and dynamic settings. Collaborating with various boards and CEOs, I have consistently enhanced strategic alignment, compliance, and growth agendas, guiding organizations towards success.

    My academic background includes a Bachelor of Business degree in Accounting, and I am a proud member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Beyond my professional achievements, my personal journey of living with a physical disability has fuelled my passion and commitment as an advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities. Drawing from my own experiences, I am a steadfast advocate within DJA, dedicated to championing inclusivity and empowering individuals with disabilities to thrive.

    1. simonyoung Avatar

      Thank you for telling us about yourself, Jim.

  3. Paul Creswick Avatar
    Paul Creswick

    I am delighted to be re-joining the Board of DJA Inc. after a two year absence due to my job committments as they were. Over the last 6 years I have worked as an Individual Disability Advocate , an NDIS Support Coordinator and Team Leader and as Facilitator, Trainer and Mentor for a number of Disability Self Advocacy groups (within a large Disability Services organisation) where our focus was on advocating in each group’s local communities to improve health, well-being and accessibility and inclusion and we achieved considerable success. Earlier, I left a global business devleopment role and relocated to a very disadvantaged community in India, and worked with a large group of Medical Practices to develop and implement a range of programs to educate and assist people on/with health improvement, with funding provided by a very generous and community welfare minded individual from Europe – so rewarding to see the improvement in community social connection, improved preparedness of people to visit the medical centres and indeed, generally improved health of the citizens. I very much look forward to contributing to DJA’s fantastic efforts in making this a safer, fairer and more inclusive and accessible world for those with disability.

    1. simonyoung Avatar

      Thank you for telling us about yourself, Paul