The more members Disability Justice Australia has, the more impact we have when negotiating for improvements for people with disabilities. You can add your strength to our voice by joining DJA today — and most members are entitled to vote in the election of Board of Directors positions and general votes when DJA adds or changes policies.

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Membership of DJA is completely free and the application process is simple. Just click on the button below to get started with the online application form. In most cases, filling in the form is simple and will take only a few minutes and we understand that many potential members will need help filling in the online form.

Some information (like your name, postal address and next of kin – for us to contact in an emergency if you are attending a DJA function or event) is essential but you can choose whether or not to give us more information about yourself so we can invite you to appropriate social events.

Renew your membership

Membership of DJA is valid for two years, after which DJA will contact you (by your preferred form of contact) to renew your membership. Renewal of membership is quick and easy online — just have your renewal notice with your DJA membership number and renewal code ready.

Privacy Notice

Disability Justice Australia Inc (DJA) collects information from our members in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act. Your personal information will only be used for the purposes of providing services to our diverse community of members and is never passed on to other organisations.