Historic Member Vote 2018

On the 12 September 2018, over 85% of members voted to:

  1. Change our name to Disability Justice Australia Inc
  2. Become a Registrable Australian Body
  3. Make changes to our Vision, Mission, Objectives, Philosophy and Values
  4. Make minor definition changes within the constitution
  5. Establish a Social Enterprise

25th Anniversary Celebrations

Disability Justice Advocacy celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a major event on Thursday 27 August 2015. It was generously supported by our partners Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and Bank Australia.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and Bank Australia

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers supported the celebration by providing the venue and catering for which we are extremely grateful.

Bank Australia supported the celebration by sponsoring and presenting the 25th Anniversary Systemic Advocacy Award.

Here are some photographs from the event.

25th Anniversary Systemic Advocacy Award

The Board and staff decided to make a one-off presentation called the 25th Anniversary Systemic Advocacy Award. There were 7 nominations and the winner was Brian Caccianiga.

(L-R) Damian Richmond, Community Development Manager Bank Australia. Trevor Carroll, Executive Officer, Disability Justice Advocacy and Brian Caccianiga

Brian, through long term systemic advocacy, successfully negotiated with the Minister for Transport and his advisors for free public transport for people with disability who depend on the use of a scooter or wheelchair for mobility outside their home.

His campaign ended in 2012 when the Minister for Transport notified his department to list scooter/wheelchair users in the regulations to receive free travel on public transport and informed Brian to pass on the information to the relevant stakeholders.

Brian was presented with:

New Standards for Advocacy

A decision has been made by the Assistant Minister for Social Services, Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield, to transition a number Commonwealth programs to the new National Standards for Disability Services (NSDS); this includes the National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP) under which DJA is currently funded. These standards will come into effect as from the 1 July 2015. Read More

Certificates of Registration